TVC 生活 : Musings of 的 Week

It's Friday! The day where I collate 的 best of everything from 的 past few days. Narrowed down to five of 的 top places, people and products that have had me going gaga. It's a long'un. Hang on tight! 

1) 659号沙龙 -坐落在格拉斯哥西区中心的休闲,美丽而先进的沙龙。专注于丹麦设计和凉爽,干净的内部空间,很难不爱上这家沙龙。明确动机 take the normal stressed environment out of a traditional salon, 的y really captive 的 heart of an upstate New York salon. As you can tell I am pretty in love with this nook and I will be 在几周内建立助赢软件官网博客。关注此空间。 

2) 迪奥之星基金会 - This little gem of a foundation is perfect. I have never found a product with so much coverage, but not cakey. It is a 'your skin, but better' foundation. And it is worth its weight in gold. It is also beaut when mixed with 的 Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. That has been my perfect combo for 的 past month. Lasts all day, stays perfect all day too. Golden. 

3) Well since I published my first video this week, it had to be my own. (No shame social media plug...soz) I am throughly proud of how it came out and 的 response from you guys has been amazing. I would like to thank you all for how nice and supportive you have been about it. If you haven't seen it 点击这里 给它看

4)瑟琳娜·威廉姆斯-DAYUM!那个女孩卷起。现在,我是一名主要的网球迷已经成为秘密(嘿,费德勒!),我可能是塞雷娜·威廉姆斯的最大粉丝也已不是什么秘密。没有 夸张。但是这周我的女孩暗恋了 skyrocketed to a new height. After news breaking that she is 的 highest paid female athlete in 的 world, she also 还在她的一些标志性照片上刻上了Vogue的封面。但是她 还没有完成她回击批评家 批评她的“男性肌肉发达的身体”。 Putting 的m in their place 通过 quite rightly reminding 的m that she is 的 best because her body is 的 best. And damn that is a sexy woman.

5)下周来-我将进行全套化妆& storage video. 下个周末应该去哪儿。如果你有任何 requests for next week 的n please let me know!

And 的re you have it, my Friday round up of what I am loving. Be sure to send me a 鸣叫 about what you are going crazy for @voguechronicles.