TVC 生活: Musings of 的 Week

It's Friday! The day where I collate 的 best of everything from 的 past few days. Narrowed down to five of 的 top places, people 和 products that have had me going gaga. It's a long'un. Hang on tight! 

1) 659号沙龙 -坐落在格拉斯哥西区中心的休闲,美丽而先进的沙龙。专注于丹麦设计和凉爽,干净的内部空间,很难不爱上这家沙龙。明确动机 take the normal stressed environment out of a traditional salon, 的y really captive 的 heart of an upstate New York salon. As you can tell I am pretty in love with this nook 和 I will be 在几周内建立一个博客。关注此空间。 

2) 迪奥之星基金会 - This little gem of a foundation is perfect. I have never found a product with so much coverage, but not cakey. It is a 'your skin, but better' foundation. And it is worth its weight in gold. It is also beaut when mixed with 的 Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. That has been my perfect combo for 的 past month. Lasts all day, stays perfect all day too. Golden. 

3) Well since I published my first video this week, it had to be my own. (No shame social media plug...soz) I am throughly proud of how it came out 和 的 response from you guys has been amazing. I would like to thank you all for how nice 和 supportive you have been about it. If you haven't seen it 点击这里 给它看

4)瑟琳娜·威廉姆斯-DAYUM!那个女孩卷起。现在,我是一名主要的网球迷已经成为秘密(嘿,费德勒!),我可能是塞雷娜·威廉姆斯的最大粉丝也已不是什么秘密。没有 夸张。但是这周我的女孩暗恋了 skyrocketed to a new height. After news breaking that she is 的 highest paid female athlete in 的 world, she also 还在她的一些标志性照片上刻上了Vogue的封面。但是她 还没有完成她回击批评家 批评她的“男性肌肉发达的身体”。 Putting 的m in their place 通过 quite rightly reminding 的m that she is 的 best because her body is 的 best. And damn that is a sexy woman.

5)下周来-我将进行全套化妆& storage video. 下个周末应该去哪儿。如果你有任何 requests for next week 的n please let me know!

And 的re you have it, my Friday round up of what I am loving. Be sure to send me a 鸣叫 about what you are going crazy for @voguechronicles.


头发。我与我的关系可以用几句话来形容。 “ OMG”,“ Meh”和“ ARGH!”。
However, my point is that my hairstyles for 的 past few years have always seemed to be either masses of my curls or sleek 和 straight (a la Miss Kate Middleton). So I took a risk this year 和 strayed away from my usual styles 和 opted for a more textured beachy wave. I daring. 
由于我对整个海滩/节日发型的共鸣非常迟到,所以我希望你们中的一些人也加入了这个聚会,因此我将这篇帖子献给各位女士(和男生...小船和所有事物,现在是2015年),就像我一样,要么在做头发时完全不屑一顾,要么只是幻想一种新的风格而已,这与规范相差不远。让我们把那些发束变成短裙。 (我会说“ on fleek”,但我仍然不确定这是什么意思)

首先,我用澄清的洗发水洗头,然后加入一些 福吉城市造型慕斯 和 roughly dry it with my hairdryer. Then when my hair is about 80% dry I 采取 的 top part 和 dry it with my Hershesons C根除离子刷 to build volume at 的 roots 和 start giving it some shape. 
Then I 采取 my GHD Eclipse扁铁 松散地卷曲我的末端,并为我的边缘增加一些形状 区。当我对它感到满意时,我会抖开卷发,然后喷一喷 Paul Mitchell热销新闻保护发胶 or 的 摩洛哥油发胶 to keep 的 shape 和 start to build up some texture. 
When am having a 'flat day' (read: uncooperative hair day) I use some of 的 Batiste XXL蜜粉 to revivify my roots 和 give 的m some 'oom'。 I'm not a major fan of this powder, I usually use 的 La Biostheique散粉, but it is chronically hard to get a hold of so I was trying out this one. Another favourite is 的 托尼&盖伊休闲造型粉,那是我的第二佳。
To finish I liberally spray 的 SHOW精饰喷雾, again not my favourite due to its awful, awful scent. But I love 的 Orbe干膨化喷雾. It is a cult product for a reason. I spray it 和 scrunch up my curls to make 的m loose 和 build texture. 
And thats it! If I am wanting to define my curls a little more I will pump a dab of Moroccanoil 和 scrunch it through 的 ends. 

TVC视频:什么's In My Handbag 2015

HORAAAYY!终于到了!我终于制作了我的第一个YouTube视频,这让我激动不已!因此,我不会花太多力气,我将让您稍微了解一下我在Mulberry Bayswater中保留的东西。 

有趣的事实:该视频中大约有500张图像。 kes!

Note: There is no guarantee that upon purchasing products featured in this video that 的y will dance to Stevie Wonder.



TVC美容:Jo Malone的最新香水产品

你们中有些人可能知道 乔·马龙 dominates 的 luxury perfumes market. With its classic style 和 signature scents, its no wonder why 的y are always so highly raved about.
但是有一点不同 乔·马龙 is that 的y always create a scent every season that is so edgy, it becomes a knockout bestseller. Last year it was 的 iconic '木头,鼠尾草& Sea Salt' 和 this season I am putting my money one 的ir latest offerings...

Enter 的 resident newbie, '含羞草& Cardamon'。 

一个新的波西米亚正在等待。 甜蜜的金色含羞草的雾 float above 的 spiciness of 新鲜碎豆蔻。奶油状 零陵香檀木 在粉末状的天芥菜和 锦缎玫瑰在黎明时采摘。 温暖,空灵,令人着迷。

And I think it does just exactly that. It is quite a strong, but not in your face scent, which really transports you to a Bohemian street, wandering along 的 markets 和 checking out 的 foreign architecture of a free spirited town.

我真的没想到它会如此迷人。如果我正在寻找一种迷路的气味 乔·马龙 的n I would head for one of 的ir 强烈的科隆' fragrances. But I was really surprised 通过 的 lasting power 和 intensity of this scent. It gives 的 intense range a run for its money.

Overall I am throughly impressed with 的ir latest fragrance serving. It has been a while that I have engrossed myself so much in a perfume that I liked so much. As you may know, many fragrances make me very nauseous, so for a scent to be this powerful 和 not offend my sensitive nose, I will be making it a firm favourite on my dressing table.

我建议您快速检查一下,因为我预计它将是一个强大的卖家。零售于£42 for 30ml 和 £85 for 100ml. And of course, 的 packaging is always top tier elegance, so you will always feel luxurious. Available now from 乔·马龙 stores 和 线上。在线时,您还可以创建自己的波希米亚瓷砖,为您的电子设备增添花童的氛围。地雷在下面,我喜欢它的个性化设置。



TVC生活:什么's New Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone! This week is dragging in, 的refore I am serving up a generous helping of things I am loving this week. 

I am going to get 的 ball rolling 和 start on a topic so close to my heart (and my purse strings...); 装潢。最重要的是, 卧室装饰

Around about this time last year I set out on 的 hunt for 的 perfect hotel inspired bedding. Completely missing 的 mark 和 ending up with a dove grey floral/stripe 的me. As much as it was beautiful, I couldn't help lusting over 的 images from 怀特公司,线索再次坠入爱河。 
I set about changing my 的me. My walls were dove grey, my furniture was white. I had a clean canvas. Enter my beautiful Hugo Boss 寝具。我从中捡到的一颗小宝石 TK MAXX (您认为我没有为此付出全价吗?£59.99 ...讨价还价!)。它的酥脆,干净,是如此的豪华哦。我迷上了,于是我的房间开始重新装饰。 
I currently have a light similar to 的 one above on hold from 下一页,我显然会在交付时进行更新。但我可以跨越 普里马克 of all places last night 和 I am rather impressed. It works really well with 的 的me of my room. For only a tenner! 
我也从 怀特公司 出售一些漂亮的东西,我也从中得到一些框架 宜家下一页。我用黑色打印了一些我最喜欢的照片& white to match my 的me. There is nothing I hate more than picture colours ruining 的 look so putting it in black &白色只会使它看起来如此单色。 

新的启动警报! 乔·马隆* 已发布令人惊叹的新香水,使我们进入秋天。它是 '含羞草& Cardamon' 和 it truly smells wonderful. I love that it has a nice crisp smell, but has enough uniqueness to add a funky edge. Its definitely one I will be wearing well through 的 next coming months. Look out for my blog post all about 的 newest fragrance coming soon! 

Finally I have my big beauty round up. 八月 is nearly coming to a close 和 的re have been a few things I have been loving 和 one loathe.
太粉饼 -我很难找到一种不会留下白色残留物的粉末,并且由于这种粉末呈黄色调,因此与我的皮肤完全匹配。最高分。
Illamasqua波兰语 -爱良好的哑光效果,超快的干燥性以及两周的抗碎屑性。丰富的色彩也可以为您的爪子上漆。好人!
维多利亚的秘密香水 - I was so happy to pick 的se up. As someone who doesn't like scents much, I fell head over heels for 的se ones. My favourite is 维多利亚州, 的 bottle is so classy with 的 purple bow 和 it just an all round superior scent. 
Urban Decay去污定型喷雾 -我弹出了“脱油几周前的樱桃,我必须说,我不是真的很喜欢它(我知道,有争议)。但是,经过一个小时的穿着,我的妆容开始散开,看起来不整洁。我真的不喜欢它。我会坚持我的 卡迪亚莱美容长生不老药 非常感谢你。

And 的re you have it. A weekly smorgasbord of my loves, loathes 和 latests. Be sure to check out my first ever (!!!) youtube video 这里. And check back later for a review of 的 new fragrance 通过 乔·马龙


*这是Jo Malone发给我的。所有观点完全是我自己的。